Our Story

Our Story

A 2013 flood restoration project sparked the beginning of now what we formally call Brookwright. Built on a tried and true relationship between Byron Brooks and Bryan Wright, we are a team of design conscious carpenters with a combined 55 years of experience; we tackle new builds and home renovations that reach all corners of Alberta.

Some would classify us as a luxury builder, but we like to steer away from using the term luxury as this tends to pigeonhole our work. Instead we are defined by the craftsmanship, constant improvement and respect that we bring to every project.

As one of the only home builders with a committed in-house group of carpenters, labourers and apprentices, get used to having everyone on-site know your name (and your coffee preference). We go above and beyond (down to the last detail) to ensure your vision is fully realized.

Our ultimate core purpose? Building excellent homes and lasting relationships, your Forever Home.

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