Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Who We Are

We are design conscious carpenters who are energized by the idea of helping homeowners and architects realize their vision. We’re individuals who have been drawn together by a quest to fashion tangible things with our hands and the desire to create quality results every day. We are a combined 220 years of thoughtful craftsmanship.

We work very closely with homeowners and architects at the genesis of a project, lending our expertise and experience to help realize cost savings in the initial stages of development. From there, we work with our extensive network of skilled sub-trades, engineers, and building professionals to develop a clear budget and schedule for the build.

We do it through identifying the difference between good and good enough and carefully encompassing thoughtful strategies to set the highest measure of standards and constantly raising the bar.

John Jardine

Project Manager

The lead organizer, budget tracker and contract reviewer, John comes with a wealth of experience in finishing carpentry and has a keen eye for detail (both on spreadsheets and site visits).

Alex Lunham

Lead Carpenter

Unflappable in demeanor, Alex is extremely committed to seeing client success throughout all Brookwright projects. Alex is the guy who rolls into site at 5:00 AM on a poor day because he knows he’s got to have everything put together juuuust right!

Lulu Tudor

Project Coordinator

An architectural technologist, Lulu is in charge of tracking “all the things!! She gets involved with procurement, Buildertrend updates, and drafting when the need presents itself. A versatile and valuable member of the team, Lulu is often described as being pretty flippin great.

Kirsten Tudor

Office Manager

Kirsten is all about keeping the finances on a project on track. She manages accounts payable, receivables and payroll and does a darn fine job of it (lost lumber receipt? Kirsten can track it!)

The Craft Approach

We are much more specialized than any other home builder; our small scale team ensures you receive more individualized services. And since we represent the craft (not commodity) side of the business, we compete on quality. Think of us as like your local craft brewery – a lean and mean team that ensures your suds aren’t mass produced.

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